Monday, February 28, 2011

welcome march :)

what a great sunny day
on the
1st march

i hope it will
wash away
sadly february :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

a sad annoucement T_T


we break up


'sy p0n da pkir msak2,sy rase 2 jela jaln ygtbaek..
sy xleh nk bg k0mitmen lam relati0nshp ni... '

'jujur sy kte,i was fall in lov wif u once but i cn feel it fade away lately..
i nvr f0oling ar0und wif my feelings..'

' my patience has its limit... '

' i lov u what i said,mayb we r n0t fated 2 b t0gether..
but insyaallah,if we're meant 2 b together,the time will c0mes..
i'm s0ry 4 everything n 4 hurting ur feelings.. 
may Allah bless ur life n u'll find a perfect match.. 
cn we b friend ? '


...the story of life is another blink of eyes...
               ...the story of love is hello and goodbye...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

such a huge ego

" love being ego"

my atashino meow delivers her babies :)

pelik je bunyi tajuk post kan.

atashino is my cat
my mummy panggil atashino meow sbb
dalam cite apartmen 1303 tuh die sebut mcm ni

" atashino meyo..atashino meyo "

tp babah panggil 'meah' je
ktorg ank2 panggil 'momot' sbb baru lpas mandi je comot balik.

sebenarnye momot ni maseh lg anak dare sunti
tapi disebabkan meow rumah belakang menggatal
jadi momot pon termengandung.
tamat di situ.

satu hari ni momot mengais2 pintu rumah
dan mengeoww dengan kuat
tp my mummy buat dek je sbb tahu hobi die suke 
melawat dari bilik ke bilik
lepas tu my mum tgok
momot da duduk dalam besen pink blakang rumah
dah sedia nk deliver babies kot.

selama 2jam berhempas pulas
bergolok gadai
haa..babiess pun keluar :)

ni name die atashino meow
xpon leh je pggil momot.

her babies..
grey white we call ' micit '
and tompok2 hitam putih tu we call ' cicit '

hehehe :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

warni warna kehidupan


Monday, February 21, 2011

when ur life stuck wif ' who cares'

it's a simple sentences

" who cares "

this simple terms might make your life great
with this word you will able to stand up by yourself
it give you courage
ability to face the world
feel confident when you talk around

but this term also
will make you worst
when you behave without suitable dignity
when you make a trouble mess.

endless pain

it's so hard to be a girl
 but thank god

 i'm a girl

Sunday, February 13, 2011


antare sebab aq pakai spek n xnak pakai lens kerana:


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


we have a fight
it just need understanding n tolerance

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