Wednesday, April 10, 2013

convocation . graduation. whatsoever.

Diploma in Civil Engineering
Politeknik Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin
29.06.2009 till 03.05.2012

with love..

orked      .

Sunday, April 7, 2013


these stuff i love the most. 
and i wanna share with people outhere my happiness. 
please enjoy. (:

i'm wearing ggmu jersy and superman flip flop

my friends and i jolly well at bp mall batu pahat, johor.

stop for a minute and say cheese!

during my intern at AO Properties

wanna show off batu buruk's beach. haha.. weirdo face

bowling time. this is my first time yet i score 54pins only. 
shame on me. hehe

my bestie's birthday. 
with tiramisu flavoured cake. love much!

i'm in the middle of nowhere. haha

oh my eye.. what was i'm staring at? food maybe. haha

he's not elmo or the big yellow bird. 
but he's standing at 123 sesame's street !

guess what is missing.??

hehehe.. anything u wanna say? epic at the back

my feet. wearing blue flipper's flip flop. 
slowly walking to the destination. 
it was at danga bay.

my ummi made this on her birthday.. 
with kuah kacang also. yummyy

bubur ikan tauchu. 
delicious. marvellous. 
at Yati Asamm Pedas, batu pahat johor.

love this restaurant. old style. 
live band here playing guitar at night.
you should bring your fam or special one here (:

she went to bp mall by bicycle. haha.

with love..

orked     .

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